Knowing, a desperate duo-play

Photo by Dan Ben Ari

At the edges of a promenade, between the trees of knowledge, flows a clear brook, a sparkling spring. On its banks a pair of lovers idle, along with an audience, proposing the eternal question: How to love wisely? To give in to fantasy, while, at the same time, eradicating it? To yearn for the ideal while rebelling against it? Books will become pebbles in a stream, while we skip between the erudite and the erotic, embody images of love’s vanity, subjugate ourselves to romantic irony, devour golden apples.

Created and performed by: Yam Drori and Natan Skop
Stage Manager: Gabi Duvdevani
Costumes: Bayla Lewis
Artistic Guidance: Nataly Zuckerman
Original Lighting Design: Rotem Elroi