• The Merchant of Venice: in motion – August 9-25, 2022

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    BACK TO BACK in person talks in Jerusalem exploring The Merchant of Venice, with Dr. Katherine Aron-Beller on August 21 (at the Shutaf office, Talpiot Industrial Area) and Gila Fine on August 22 (at Howard & Freda’s house in Baka), both at 20:00.

    Photos by Yitz Woolf. Costumes by Bayla Lewis.

    Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice: in motion in Bloomfield Gardens.

    הסוחר מוונציה: בתנועה מאת וויליאם שייקספיר בגן בלומפילד.

    PERFORMANCES | הצגות

    Tuesday, August 9
    Wednesday, August 10
    Sunday, August 14
    Monday, August 15
    Wednesday, August 17
    Thursday, August 18
    Tuesday, August 23
    Wednesday, August 24
    Thursday, August 25

    יום שלישי, 9 באוגוסט
    יום רביעי, 10 באוגוסט
    יום ראשון, 14 באוגוסט
    יום שני, 15 באוגוסט
    יום רביעי, 17 באוגוסט
    יום חמישי, 18 באוגוסט
    יום שלישי, 23 באוגוסט
    יום רביעי, 24 באוגוסט
    יום חמישי, 25 באוגוסט

    The show starts at 5:30pm.

    Show lasts just under two hours.
    Performed in English.

    Bloomfield Gardens, Jerusalem.
    Behind the King David Hotel.

    Map > // Facebook event >

    Outside, FREE and full of movement. Fun for the whole family.
    Seating on the grass or bring your own chair. Check the weather – you may need a sweater, or sunscreen and a hat.

    ההצגה תתחיל בשעה 17:30.

    אורך ההצגה קצת פחות משעתיים
    ההצגה בשפה האנגלית

    גן בלומפילד, ירושלים
    מאחורי מלון המלך דוד

    מפה > // איוונט בפייסבוק >

    כיף לכל המשפחה, בחוץ ובחינם! הישיבה על הדשא, כסאות מתקפלים יתקבלו בברכה. זכרו כי הערב הירושלמי קריר! כדאי להצטייד בסווטשרט.

    COMING BY BUS? Best to take any line (71, 72, 74, 75, 77, 78, 7, 13, 34) that stops at Keren Hayessod / Shalom Aleichem, walk on Avraham Mapu St. to King David St., and enter the park via Elimelech Admoni St. (the small street with the entrance to the hotel parking lot). Turn left after you enter the park and you’ll find us.

    COMING BY CAR? Best to park in the Yemin Moshe Windmill parking lot (Waze to שדרות בלומפילד). Blue and white paid parking until 18:00 – watch out for the spots on the Yemin Moshe side for neighborhood residents only. There is also limited parking on the lot on Emile Botta St., opposite the French Embassy.

    Suggested donation ₪40 per person. Limited edition Merchant of Venice Merchandise available!

    תרומה מומלצת 40₪ לאדם. תוכלו לרכוש במקום פריטים עם הדפסים מיוחדים של ההצגה!

    נתראה! See you there!
    לפרטים נוספים – For more information
    [email protected]


    The Merchant of Venice is a real conversation starter. Whether it’s stark portrayals of religious-based hatred of Jews, skewering of ideals of mercy and justice, or tying emotional relationships to commercial exchanges, the play has sparked debates, articles, and even several mock appeals!

    We’re excited to announce BACK TO BACK in person talks in Jerusalem exploring The Merchant of Venice, with Dr. Katherine Aron-Beller on August 21 (at the Shutaf office, Talpiot Industrial Area) and Gila Fine on August 22 (at Howard & Freda’s house in Baka), both at 20:00.

    Space is limited – RSVP required.
    ₪50 per person, ₪80 for both lectures.

    “I am a Jew”: What did Shakespeare really know about Jewish life in Early Modern Italy?

    Dr. Katherine Aron-Beller – Sunday, August 21, at 20:00
    At the Shutaf office in the Talpiot Industrial Area, Jerusalem

    No sixteenth or seventeenth century play in Italy, France or Spain, besides Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta, even remotely approaches in range or depth the exploration of Jewish life and antisemitism contained in The Merchant of Venice… read more >

    “Scripture for Their Purpose”: Shylock, Antonio, and the Battle for Biblical Truth

    Gila Fine – Monday, August 22, at 20:00
    At the home of Howard and Freda Wallick in Baka, Jerusalem.

    Why is an obscure biblical incident the subject of Shylock and Antonio’s first fight? Which of them is reading the Bible correctly? And how does this induce them to enter the deadly fleshbond? read more >

    CAST | הנפשות הפועלות

    SOLANIO / TUBAL ………… Andrea Katz
    SHYLOCK …………………… Annabelle Landgarten
    SALERIO / DUKE …………. Chaia Zipporah Nicholls Zucker
    JESSICA ……………………… Elisheva Greenberg
    PORTIA ………………………. Maya Blank
    GRATIANO ………………….. Miriam Metzinger
    NERISSA …………………….. Naomi Altschuler
    BASSANIO …………………… Natan Skop
    LORENZO …………………… Omer Shaik
    ANTONIO ……………………. Yehoshua Looks

    PRODUCTION TEAM | צוות הפקה

    Directors … Beth Steinberg & Yam Drori
    Producer … Natan Skop
    Live Music … Yaar Drori
    Artistic Director… Beth Steinberg
    Business Manager … Ira Skop
    Costume Manager … Gabrielle Vigodny
    Caskets … Sara Levene
    Stage Manager … Tzviya Fawn Brickel
    Production Team … Yael Berg, Alana Amelan, Eitan Berg, Eden Berg, Ira Skop, Gabrielle Vigodny, Alexa Myers, Amit Bergman
    Script Adaptation … Ira Skop, Beth Steinberg, Miriam Metzinger, Omer Shaik, Annabelle Landgarten
    Graphic Design … Hillary Menkowitz
    Photos … Yitz Woolf, Michael Sager, Merav Blum, Will
    Video … Barak Bard

    SUPPORT FOR THIS PRODUCTION | תמיכה להפקה השנה

    To our special patron, Linda Adams. Our deepest thanks for your belief in and support of local theater.

    This production has been made possible by a grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, with the encouraging support of Ruth Cummings. Thank you so much!

    Theater in the Rough is an independent project operating as part of Bar-Kayma for Culture, Art, Music and Peace (Registered non-profit).

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    ההפקה מתאפשרת בזכות תרומת קרן נתן קאמינגס, בתמיכתה ועידודה של רות קאמינגס. תודה רבה!

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    The Merchant of Venice: in motion
    Bloomfield Gardens, Paul Emile Botta St 6,Jerusalem,Israel9410906
    Starting on
    August 9, 2022
    Ending on
    August 25, 2022
    9 evening's of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, on the grass in Bloomfield Gardens, Jerusalem. Free of charge (suggested donation ₪40) and fun for the whole family.
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