“And I be pleased to give ten thousand ducats” – Shylock, Merchant of Venice; 4-1

Theater in the Rough is dedicated to offering quality and accessible theatrical experiences, including summer Shakespeare in Jerusalem. We believe in excellent and affordable theater, presented in new and engaging ways, for all ages, in unexpected places.

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General donation to Theater in the Rough – credit card

Donate via Payment app – Henry IV

You can make a donation by transferring money with your favorite payment app.

  1. Add the number 052-5538052 to your contacts
  2. Open Bit, Paybox, or Pay
  3. Initiate a transfer to the above number and choose your selected donation amount
  4. In the notes field, write your name and “Henry IV”. Example: “Harry Percy – Henry IV”.
  5. That’s it! If you’d like, your can send the above number a whatsapp message with a confirmation

Donate by Israeli Check

Payable to: Bar-Kayma
Specify on envelope: Attn: Theater in the Rough
Send to:
Bar Kayma
POB 500
Jerusalem 91004

לפקודת: עמותת בר-קיימא
לציין על המעטפה: עבור תיאטרון בתזוזה
לשלוח לכתובת:
עמותת בר קיימא
ת.ד. 500
ירושלים 91004

Donate by Bank Transfer

Beneficiary details:
Bar Kayma
Bank Benleumi (31) // Main Branch (012) //
Account no. 409036218

פרטי המוטב:
עמותת בר קיימא
הבנק הבינלאומי (31) // סניף ראשי (012) //
חשבון מס’ 409036218

Theater in the Rough is an independent project operating as part of Bar-Kayma for Culture, Art, Music and Peace (Registered non-profit)

תיאטרון בתזוזה פועל כפרויקט עצמאי במסגרת עמותת בר-קיימא לתרבות, אמנות, מוסיקה ושלום (ע”ר)