Zoom in on Shakespeare!

Does your teen love books, cinema, theater, roleplaying, or fantasy? Do they enjoy creating stories of their own?

Join an online workshop series focused on creating literature and theater in English!

Through weekly meetings over the course of 7 months, we will:

  • 📚 discuss Shakespeare, his language, and the history and culture that surrounds the Bard from the Elizabethan era until today
  • 📖 read a Shakespeare play in English, with a focus on decoding the text and the story
  • 🎭 watch and listen to different artistic productions
  • ✍️ write creatively inspired by Shakespeare
  • 🎭 act Shakespearean text, as well as perform pieces prompted by our exploration

Through this workshop, your teen will:

  • 🎟️ access Shakespearean writing and performance
  • 🖊️ hone their creative writing and acting skills
  • 🗣️ empower their voice and self-confidence
  • 📈 enrich their English language skills (Shakespeare invented over 1,700 words, after all!)
  • 🎉 have fun in a dynamic group setting

Space is limited! Sign up now, or leave your details and we’ll get back to you about any questions.

Led by veteran English and creative writing teacher Tanya Rozanes Olevsky (LinguaCom) and Shakespeare director and educator Yam Drori (Theater in the Rough). More info on the team below >

👧👦 Ages: 14 years old and up

Space is limited to 8 participants. If there is enough interest, we will open another group.


📅 Open Meeting Sunday, Nov. 26, from 17:30-18:30
Join the first open meeting of the workshop series.
Free, no commitment required! Signup below >

📆 Sundays, Dec. 3 through June 30, from 18:30-19:30
(average 4 meetings a month, with changes for school holidays)

You can join even after we’ve started!


Tuition: ₪400 / month

Cancellation / refunds

  • In the event of cancellation, two weeks advance notice is required
  • The first month of tuition is required upfront in order to guarantee your space. After the first month (December 2023), tuition will be charged at the beginning each month.
  • Monthly tuition is not reimbursable for missed sessions, unless specifically agreed upon in advance in the case of emergency


Have any questions? Leave your details here we will get in touch:

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    Tanya Rozanes Olevsky is an English content specialist & trainer, and the founder of LinguaCom Studio. She has taught English to teenagers for over 15 years. Tanya also also assists companies, tech entrepreneurs, education specialists, and professionals in diverse fields with expressing their ideas in writing as well as improving their English for academic and business purposes. As a content specialist with over 20 years of experience as a freelance teacher and translator, Tanya holds a BA in Psychology and English and an MA in Special Education. She is multilingual, fluent in 3 languages and can read in 7.

    Space is limited! Sign up now, or leave your details and we’ll get back to you about any questions.

    photo: Yitz Woolf

    Yam Drori has been a Shakespeare geek since she could remember! She joined Theater in the Rough in 2018, working as co-director on a variety of classical and contemporary productions, including the summer Shakespeare performances. In the summer of 2023, Yam ran the Shakespeare Camp summer intensive for teens, with Maya Blank. Yam has a BA and MFA in Theater Arts from Tel Aviv University, where she worked as a teacher’s assistant, teaching a lab on Greek drama. She is a graduate of the theater program at the Shlomi Center for Alternative Theater. Yam has over 12 years of experience as an assistant director, actress, dramaturg, acting coach, movement consultant, producer, and production assistent working on a variety of theater projects.


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