Red Nose Mask Master Class

ground floor master class in the art of physical theater and red nose mask
Led by Rebecca Sykes, this small group meets about once a month.

RSVP required, to [email protected].il

Your body is a temple. Invite Romans. Hilarity ensues.

“What should I bring?”
You already have all you need for playing on stage, just come dressed to move and bring a bottle of water.

“Is it OK if I have no previous experience?”
Yes! Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve never set foot on stage or you grew up in the theater.

The master class is in English.
Cost: ₪50

RSVP required, to [email protected].il

Questions? Want more information? | 052-5538052 | [email protected].il

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REBECCA SYKES explores all aspects of theater, and finds physical theater and red nose mask to be the most fun. And challenging. In addition to working as an actor internationally in musical theater and around North America as a theater educator, she is a founding member of Dal Vivo Theatre.

In this spirit, Rebecca’s workshops emphasize performance as the achievement of a state of play in which the performer’s consciousness is suspended between the adult and the make-believe, the productive and the pretend. The end-product is a presentation of an authentically human experience, at times poetic and comical, always personal.

Rebecca is a student of and she is not kidding. It’s hard. (don’t be scared)