Theater Laboratory – Nov 7 2013

Join the Theater Lab in Jerusalem! We’re your place for exploring new skills and broadening your performance experience, in a supportive atmosphere of challenge and discovery.

Led by Natan Skop, this new, monthly project from Theater in the Rough will explore a different aspect of Theater and performance each meeting.

**RSVP required because of space limitations -> [email protected]**

(Session #1: Thursday, November 7th)
* Based on the voice work of Kristin Linklater, this session will be an exploration of the mind-body connection through voice and movement
* Expand your physical awareness and your emotional connection to your voice
* Help release vocal tension through breath and vibration

“Is it OK if I have no previous theater experience?”
Yes! Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve never set foot on stage or you grew up in the theater.

“What will we be doing?”
We’re going to vocalize (make odd noises), breath a lot, move around, and give ourselves permission to take up space.

“What should I bring?”
– Water bottle
– Yoga mat (optional)
– Easy & comfortable clothes and lightweight exercise shoes. You can also work barefoot or in socks.
– 1 line (or more) of any text in your native language

The Theater Laboratory is located at:
“Shutaf” office in – בית היצרנים – Ha’yatsranim Building. Corner of Yad Harutzim and Ha’tnufa in the Talpiyot Industrial Zone, 4th floor. Use the elevator on the left-hand side of the building.


The workshop is in English and Hebrew.
Suggested Donation: ₪20

**RSVP required because of space limitations -> [email protected]**

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Natan Skop is a working actor, theater teacher and producer. As co-founder and producer of Theater in the Rough (TiTR), Natan has been one of the central figures behind TiTR’s free, outdoor, summer Shakespeare performances each August. During the year Natan is involved in various workshops, and Speakeasies: A Jerusalem Cabaret. Natan has received training at Shakespeare & Company (Lenox, MA) and continues to draw inspiration from The Shakespeare Forum (NYC), New York Classical Theatre (NYC) and countless other inspiring and amazing people.